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DD-Kennel „vom Donauer-Bach“

Breeding by performance to standard


Thank you for visiting the "Deutsch Drahthaar vom Donauer-Bach" website.

We are breeding our puppies by the the motto of the VDD: "By performance to the standard!".
Each of our puppies has its assigned registration number from the "Zuchtbuch" tattooed in its ear and it is also chipped into its shoulder or neck. The parents are registered in the DGStB.
You can find the information on our dogs when you click on its name on the left side, there you'll find a lot of  fotos and documents like the health certificate or results of the examinations the dogs took part in.

We hope you will enjoy staying on our homepage, so if you have any questions about us or our breeding just write an email or call us.
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Your family Stemann


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It all started when I accompanied my father as a beater for the hunt when I was a little boy. 

I was fascinated by huntig so I did my hunting licence at the age of 17. Therefore I got my first DD-bitch called "Cora vom Lohenbusch" who remained my loyal companion for hunting for 14 years.

Because of my career structure I didn't have any time for caring for a dog, so I had to hunt alone for a few years. In 2006 I bought my bitch  „Adell vom Jürgenbrunnen“ . In the same year she passed the VGP with 310 points.
Adell's high passion and her reliability in all aspects of hunting and because she did an excellent job in blood tracking my wife and me decided to raise puppies with her.

On June 22nd of 2008 we had our A-litter of puppies by "Axel vom Eggerbach" with 6 puppies. We kept one very promising male dog called "Apollo vom Donauer-Bach" who got run over on the 11th March of 2009 during the last practicing for the VJP.

A little later we bought „Dooley vom Löwenberg“, born on the 6th March of 2009, who is a stud dog registered in the "Zuchtregister". He is a DD-stud dog with the blood line "Cröver Reich-Günthersburg-Griffon" on his mother's side. He passed the VJP, the HZP and the VGP. His biggest passion is hunting ducks, he's doing an excellent job on and in the water.

Dooley also has a strong and lovely character besides his great natural disposition for hunting, so we decided to take a second litter of puppies with Adell and him.
The B-litter of puppies came into the world on the 26th February of 2011, but Adell had a strong metritis with interference of the fertility before her heat, so there were only two puppies, called Burgl and Buffy.

We kept „Buffy vom Donauer-Bach“ as our own dog. Together with her I passed the HZP with 185 points (without track).
Just like Dooley Buffy has a great passion for hunting at the water.

Since October 2013  „Monjah von der Berkelquelle“ is part of our herd. Monjah is a very efficient and powerful bitch, who does a great job in all aspects of hunting. She's very leadable as well. She has been trained to be a "Bringselverweiser" and passed the VGP with 348 points in the 1st price. She's going to be the base our our future litters of puppies.

My hunting district is a ground game hunt in Hamm and I hunt for hoofed game in Hessen.

Although Adell is already 10 years old I still hunt with her intensively.

Our puppies grow up in hunting district on a farm we don't work on anymore and are characterized by hunting.

Our dogs are used to living inside the house, in the kennel and living together with children.

All this would be totally impossible without the help of my wife Vera who cares for our dogs at any time.

We're breeding dogs to the Breeding Regulations of VDD e.V. Germany. Our goal are healthy and lovely dogs with a strong and excellent character.

I hope we've arouse your interest in our dogs.

We remain with a powerful "Waidmannsheil"

Your family Dirk Stemann

DD-Kennel „vom Donauer-Bach“